Februar 26, 2024

The “Great Reset,” Contradiction, Collusion, the U.S., Israel, China, Ukraine, Russia and Governments of the World: Bedmates? – Gary D. Barnett


The collusion evident is staggering to say the least, and includes all the major cast of state actors. This is where the U.S. involvement has been crucial in the decades long buildup of totalitarian and dictatorial systems that now are in positions of power in this world. A conspiracy certainly, but one that has deep roots in contradiction and inversion, the doctrines of evil that must exist in any plot to rule the world. This is the essence of this madness, and is overlooked by the masses to be sure, but is also ignored by many claiming to be truth telling ‘journalists.’ Everyone wants to isolate and blame a stated ‘particular’ enemy as the cause of all political action, but if all are working together as one, are not they all enemies of the people?

Read the full article: The “Great Reset,” Contradiction, Collusion, the U.S., Israel, China, Ukraine, Russia and Governments of the World: Bedmates? – LewRockwell LewRockwell.com

In my opinion, Barnett is spot on. He’s one of the very few people who understand the full scope of the agendas that are currently being rolled out. To me, the war in Ukraine follows the „good ol'“ dialectics: Problem – Reaction – Solution (Thesis – Antithesis – Synthesis), meaning that this war is meant to a) cause certain problems artificially and b) worsen already existing ones in a catalytic manner (such as the deep economic problems deliberately caused by money and economic policies over the past few decades), for which „our“ elites then serve us their solution. To be more precise: this crisis, seemingly and allegedly caused by „nationalist“ thinking on the side of Vladimir „Dear Klaus“ Putin, will invoke exactly the kind of „global solutions“ which the „powers that be“ have been striving for anyway.

Furthermore, I firmly believe that this war is also used as a smokescreen to hide the real causes of the financial problems of our time, caused by the central banks (which are verifiably under control of the very same elites) via their insane „money printing“ (expansion of the money supply). Now the elites and their bought and paid for mass lobotomedia can blame everything on Putin – like they already do. Since the beginning of this dialectically useful war, german papers have been full of reports that the current inflation in the euro zone is „Russia’s“ or „Putin’s“ fault. Excuse my french, but that’s utter and complete bullshit.

The problems caused by the aforementioned policies appeared on the horizon even before the Covid-plandemic, or as the great researcher and independent journalist James Corbett puts it: scamdemic. Which, by the way, also served a purpose that Klaus Schwab, founder of the infamous World Economic Forum, described right from the beginning as a „narrow window of opportunity“. Well, you know what they say: Never let a „good“ crisis go to waste

Unfortunately, it’s the common people who have to suffer the consequences of the megalomaniacal, insane scheming of these elite circles. Like in Ukraine. Other peoples will follow. Since other astute observers have already pointed out the possible outcomes of this concocted crisis, I’d like to point readers to following articles:



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